Our Story

The SnowSaw is our own, Canadian, creation. How Canadian? It’s manufactured right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a city known for cold in a country known for its winters. Want even more Canadian than that? It’s made from the same boards that surround hockey rinks. Sometimes, we get to recycle actual hockey boards from old arenas to make SnowSaws. Puck proof, winter proof, and hockey tough, that’s the SnowSaw.

The SnowSaw is a safe, colourful way for your child to express themselves and have fun in the winter. So get them carving! Our handle is built big enough for any mitt you stick in it. Stay warm and carve hard.

We’re tough folk and cold doesn’t keep us from going outside and playing in the winter and it shouldn’t stop you. Now if only we had a fun toy to help us do something with all that snow we have for months…