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We help you create a masterpiece out of snow with our high quality saws. Hear who we are and more about our journey!

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View some galleries of talented SnowSaw carvers hard at work! And send us pics of your work of snow art.

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A Rainbow has 7 colours, SnowSaws have 8.

Snow is white, but a SnowSaw is colourful (so it doesn’t get lost in the snow)!

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Ever want to get outside on a cold day and just build?

Ever want to make the BEST snow fort of your life? SnowSaw is your winter friend and the best snow-carving tool for your family. Built from the same material as hockey boards this safe-cutting tool glides through the snow and helps you create your masterpiece.

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A Promise of Supreme Quality

SnowSaws have high impact strength and abrasion resistance (they are 100% kid-proof!). The material’s durability and UV stabilization make it ideally suited for the rigors of any cold weather environment (they’ll look great long after your kids have moved out).

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